Things you do if you are a Chai Lover

Chai is not just a morning drink, it’s the most superior drink without any debate. In Pakistan, chai is an obsession or in other words it’s the national drink of Pakistan. Chai for a Pakistani is an essential part of everyday life, without chai life is incomplete.


  • Try going to people’s places just because they’ll serve you chai


  • Always stopping every 30 minutes to get a cup of chai if you are on a journey or a road trip.


  • Finding a friend with whom you can share your ‘chai cravings’


  • Garmi ho ya Sardi you just want chai


  • Cursing your friends for not drinking or liking chai


  • Smelling your chai before having a sip of it


  • You want chai after every meal


  • Judging people for not making a decent cup of chai


  • Always finding a chai dhaba near for work place or university


Sara Isar

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