This couple has just marked upon us the new Wedding Goal

This couple has just marked upon us the new Wedding Goal

We all have been through those hustles and bustles when the wedding bells ring and it’s time to rush in those final moments, which is all part and parcel of our extravagant desi weddings. But, no one is more under pressure than our poor bride and groom, who have to deal the traditional wedding chaos’ with the brightest smiles on their face. And, talking from the core of a girl’s heart, the diet & totkas she has to follow just to fit in her wedding dress and to get that perfect glow; no one can imagine the sacrifices she makes – having to forget the love of her life – French fries, McLicious burger and God knows what.

Among these dolled up brides, came “Munawal Javed” who just made her wedding the next wedding goal for all girls and couples out there. Breaking all stereotypes, Munawal and her husband hit McDonald’s right after their Nikkah ceremony, and yes, they chose McDonald’s from all others, to make their McFairyTale come true! And believe it or not, the couple didn’t even wait to change but went in their wedding dresses.

Seems like they’re definitely lovin it…!

Munawal showed her love for McDonald’s and didn’t want to miss Big Mac from becoming a part of her special day. So, accompanied with her newly wedded life partner and a few relatives, she had an ice-cream and calmed her nerves, celebrating her nikkah with the best couple goals.

With such unique customers, McDonald’s couldn’t be happier in becoming a part of their celebration and welcomed the couple with warmth and wishes for their new journey. This is something the couple did not expect and felt explicit, adding that “OMG” moment to their festive day’s end. Feeling honored, McDonald’s couldn’t keep away from sharing this special moment of joy and updated a moment of the day on their official Facebook page.

Here are a few sweet and couple goal comments, together wishing the McHappy couple the best for their future, adding to carry the trend on their special day, while McDonald’s welcomed all of them with big smiles.

Because McDonald’s is every girl’s love at first bite!

So what do you think? Planning on making your day unique with this new couple goal, right! Take a bow and hit the road to the nearest McDonald’s and make the most of your day!


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