Top 3 imdb movies and why they still remain on the top


Since the beginning of Cinema, fans have witness movies that are extraordinarily well, no matter what year they were released, those movies have managed to stay amongst top-rated movies. These movies were successfully created with the right formula. The script, the cast and the score, everything was perfect, the concepts were so unique that fans still remember them and there is a reason why they are still in the top ranks. we are going to discuss those reasons, you may disagree and that’s fine.

1: Shawshank Redemption (1994)


Speaking of “Shawshank’s Redemption”, there are many good things to talk about here. The cast at the beginning was top-notch. The stars, Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, provided some of the best performances of their careers. Freeman added heart and sincerity, and Robbins maintained considerable intensity throughout the film. Every time Andy Dufresne appears on the screen, you can see that there is more happening in his eyes than you can guess. This movie also has a wonderfully structured script. The first time you see it, you are never quite sure how it will end, but if you have seen it before, you will see how the epic fragments of Andy’s escape from Shawshank prison are arranged. Small tips everywhere are enough to keep you interested without revealing the whole secret.

what seems like a prison story is much more than that. if I were to define this movie with a phrase, it is “the power of hope”.

2: Godfather (1972)


Francis Ford Coppola has produced one of the cruellest and most touching chronicles of American life in the context of popular entertainment “The Godfather”. This movie is based on a novel written by Mario Puzo “Godfather”. This is a mature gangster melodrama, truly sad and truly exciting, without the false piety of the movies that prevailed 40 years ago, terrifying our happy hell, while warning that crime will not (or, at least, Shouldn’t)’t) pay.

There are many reasons for the influence of this film, including the return of Marlon Brando, it’s not a large role but he is the key to the film, the way he plays Don Vito is difficult to comprehend has only he is capable of pulling out something like this. All the performances are stellar and the cast is supremely talented and complimented each others roles, it’s difficult to give credit to everyone, however, some must be cited. Especially Al Pacino, as a college-educated son, a war hero who took over the family business. He was praised for his stellar performance. His character arc increases and with that, we get to see what a magnificent actor he is.

The third movie on this list is Godfather 2, which is a sequel to part one. I will skip to the 4th Movie on the list.

3: The Dark Knight


“The Dark Knight” directed by Christopher Nolan is an uninterrupted action thriller that constantly presents unexpected situations. This movie is adapted from the original Batman comic book, but it also changes the perception of the everyday world from good to natural bad. what makes this movie such critical acclaim is the director’s vision and screenplay. Nolan has a world of his own, which goes beyond the line of contemporary movies.

“The Dark Knight” is not a simple story of good and evil. Batman is good, yes, Joker is evil, yes. But Batman came up with a more complicated puzzle than usual. Although everyone is playing an important in the movie, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger are in a class of their own. especially, Ledger who essayed the role of Joker, this performance was and still is praised, the depth portrayed by the late actor is so unique. It can simply not be put in words.

Two of the supporting characters are crucial to the action and are played effortlessly by the great actor’s Morgan freeman and Micheal Caine. Freeman, as the scientific genius Lucius Fox.



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