A Cow Barged in a salon in Karachi

A Cow Barged in a salon in Karachi

Only one day is left for the occasion of Eid-Ul-Adha. Everyone is busy with their cows and goats. And when these cows or goats get out of their mind, then things start to get out of control real fast.

A similar story came to light in Karachi where everything was going as usual when a cow gets out of his mind (don’t know about reason) and then that cow barged into a man salon (The video is attached). As you can see in the video that many people are trying to calm that cow but that’s not going really well. One person comes from the back and starts hitting the cow with his elbow. I don’t know why he is thinking that his superman elbow will calm the cow or make the cow unconscious or what is he thinking I literally don’t have any idea. After that cow becomes very furious and just smashes into the glass door the broke the glass into pieces. You can see in the video how painful will that be for cows. Besides the cow, the shop also gets affected as the shop becomes very much destroyed. After that cow run away on the road and people are running behind them to chase him.

If we talk about this incident so this is an obvious thing that the cow is not abnormal at all, there must be something that happened earlier and the cow got out of mind and I can bet that those persons who are beating the cow thinking that they are like superman or batman and they will stop the cow did something with the cow.

My suggestion is that please don’t hurt these animals. They can’t speak, they cannot express their feeling if you hurt them and then think that Allah will qubool your Qurbani. This will never happen. Please be careful and start to take care of them as you have to sacrifice them.

watch video here


Junaid Ahmed

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