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Top 5 essentials to keep in your bag!!

A checklist of 5 bag essentials will act as a reminder of what you need to have in your bag.
You’ll always have everything you need if you know what to carry in your handbag!


A cosmetic bag with a zipper top is a great way to keep all of your grab-and-go cosmetics together.
Foundation, mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, lipstick pencil, perfume, and other important cosmetics are examples.


Since a hairbrush can take up a lot of room in your purse, choose one with a short handle.
If you don’t want to go smaller, buy an extra one to keep in your purse for last-minute touch-ups.

3.Backups for Hygiene

It might feel like you’re perpetually catching up in life.
You could overlook something basic, like cleaning your teeth or applying deodorant, in your dash to go to class or work.
These and other sanitary travel-size backups can be kept in a pouch/bag just in case.


A wallet is not on the list of things that every lady should have in her tote.
The size of your wallet is entirely up to you, but it should be large enough to hold all of your cards as well as some cash.\

5.Portable Charger on the go

Nothing beats the sense of being lost at sea when your phone dies while you’re out and about

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