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Types of ‘Rickshaw Walas’ you’ve definitely encountered in Karachi!

There’s always a time in your life when the Careem App ditches you with it’s peak factor and Uber being not available and you are left with no other option but to travel in Rikshaw. And I am sure you all must have encountered all these typical types of Rikshaw Wala’s if you are a Pakistani living in Karachi!

1. The one you intently call “LAALAAA” but he just rides by, not acknowledging your pleas!


2. Then there is one who will stop to ask you where you want to go and then rides away without even saying NO!


3.The one you warn 10 times about a specific right turn you need to take, and they still miss it.


4.Did we forget the bling autos with all the GLAM DISCO LIGHTS and ITEM SONGS?


5. The one: “Aaj CNG band hay, I’ll go for double the fare”


6. The raging F1 driver who gets pissed and swears at everyone on the road, then zooms past them!


7. The creep whose eyes are on the rear-view mirror, staring at you, never the road!


8. The emaandaar one who says “Hum toh kahin bhi chalenge, aap baitho”


9. The one who talks to his girlfriend on the phone throughout the ride!

I am sure every one of you have experienced such Rikshaw walas at least once in your life time! Comment below if you can relate. 😀




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