UAE has new travel requirements!

UAE has come up with another travel requirement after the restriction of men between 20 to 40 not applicable for Visa.

The new condition includes all Pakistanis to carry their return tickets along with AED 2000. If both the conditions are not met you will be deported.

Recently 200 Pakistanis have been deported from UAE over their failure to meet the new travel conditions. The travellers from UAE airport were sent back who didn’t have either of the two requirements.

The passengers landed at the Lahore airport and were kept in the custody of airport authorities. They were released after they paid a fine of AED 1,000 per person.

The authorities have reportedly seized the passports who could not pay the fine. However, the passengers are complaining that the airport authorities in Pakistan did not inform them of the change in policies.

Who is to be trusted in this case, the authorities or the passengers?



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