Where are all the empathetic people?


All the recent events have caused problems and troubles for people in the society, be it women or children. There are tons of issues deeply rooted in the society that needs to be fixed and that can be done if we stop watering its roots. Already women face number of issues and society just won’t stop at it. Physically and emotionally for too long women have suffered and it’s the time to stop this madness!

Recently Ghana Ali took a one-on-one question answer session with her fans. While some questions were interactive and fun others were quiet personal and offensive. Fans don’t understand that a celebrity too has personal life and to ask them such intriguing questions isn’t any of their business. Ghana was asked “if her husband was strict, would she like to tell her husband to lose weight and what’s his profession.” This is wrong on so many levels, people don’t realize this. If she wanted to interact with her fans that was her personal choice but there is always a boundary and people often blur that or cross it. The way she handled her fans was quiet commendable, there wasn’t a slight hint of sarcasm or anger in her tone and for that we got to give it to her.

This is just one of the many examples women face on daily basis. The society interrogates them and makes them feel so vulnerable. The question regarding her husband’s weight was emotionally disturbing. A person could get insecure or be traumatized after being victim of such questions. People have a difficult time to choose and accept themselves for their weight, age and complexion yet, even the strongest people are broken down as such problematic questions are asked over and over again. Her husband has received backlash before too. The problem is the backward orthodox mentality of people which needs to be eradicated.

Not only this, daily women face mocks on their appearances, height and complexion etc. Each of us is unique and made differently, our physical features set us apart. To ridicule and belittle someone only adds to the mental pressure. Wouldn’t an obese person know that they are obese? Maybe it’s genetics or some illness. Maybe they have been working hard to fix their body yet the constant mocks and reminders of them being obese add’s pressure, same goes for an unmarried woman and divorcee.

The society needs to let go of their judgmental mentality and learn to let live. If Ghana would’ve reacted angrily or got offended or publicly called out people asking such questions then the same society would’ve called her words and passed derogatory statements. For how long will people continue to accuse women and intrude in their personal lives?

The world is progressing and taking up great journeys and making inventions yet somehow, we are still stuck to the same old mentality and behavior. Such issues if not addressed lead to problems that break homes. A simple comment from you about someone’s unemployment, divorce, age, complexion etc could break them. Maybe they already are on the verge of it and you pushed them, same goes for a child who isn’t performing well in school or universities. He may be trying hard but failing to get a hang of the concepts rather than mocking him try to revise the rules with him. Not everyone can grasp the problems well as everyone is made differently. Think first, act later. Many problems will be sorted through that and we will move a step forward!



Raviha Memon

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