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Why did Nida Yasir apologize?

After having Marwa’s parents as guests on Nida Yasir’s show to talk about Marwa (the girl was burnt to death and also sexually ill-treated). The public did not tolerate Nida being very oblivious while asking questions to her father, she was publicly called out and it was all over social media to ban Nida Yasir.

Nida recently posted a video of hers apologizing with the public because as she states that she can’t see the people being angry with her. The public made it very clear that they want to ban Nida Yasir as she asked some very insensitive questions to Marwa’s father in her morning show but she came up and cleared her part by providing a detailed explanation to her fans. She also mentioned that it was not done for television ratings because her show is focused on entertainment and not news and entertainment gets her good ratings.

However, the video is posted below to give you a clear vision of what she had to say to protect her statement.


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