Why Should You Soak Almonds Before Eating Them?

Almonds are a popular food that’s rich in nutrients, including fiber and healthy fats. And high source of vitamin E, which protects your cells from damage.

Some people enjoy them raw or roasted, but ever wondered why some people prefer to soak them before eating. Let’s find out what makes soaked almonds so good for you!

Boosts brain function

Almond is rich in vitamin E, which is known to preserve memory for a longer period of time by boosting alertness, and avoiding cognitive decline.

Maintain Sugar Level

Adding almonds to your meal can prevent type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and also reduce blood sugar levels. Vitamin B17 and folic acid found in almonds help in fighting cancer, and diminish the chances of birth defects. And also prevent the growth of tumors in the human body.

Increase your absorption of certain nutrients

Soaking almonds in water makes it easier to chew, while increasing nutrient availability. Moreover, digestive enzymes may be able to break down and absorb the nutrients more efficiently.

Great for your skin and hair

Almonds are amazing for your skin and hair as they are a great source of vitamin E. it makes your skin smooth and flexible. Using almond oil on your skin and hair can also be beneficial. It also help you fight hair issues and hair fall.

Improves cholesterol

Bad cholesterol can cause some serious health issues. So Almonds can aid you control bad cholesterol and encourages healthy levels of good cholesterol. This boosts heart health. Soaked almonds can also help in controlling blood pressure which is also good for heart health.



Sara Isar

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