You Will Cry Watching “Me before you”


Breakout the tissues as its time to watch this classic yet sad romance that made our pre-pubescent hearts soar.

STOP! If you haven’t read the book by Jojo Moyes than this is not the place for you. Read it and then come back here.

My heart feels heavy whenever I read the book. I guess what sticks me the most is Will’s decision to die. I try to put myself in his mother’s shoes, what if that was my child?

Louisa brings Will out of his self-pitying shell by watching foreign films with him, whisking him off to the horse races, and curling up next to him for deep late-night confessionals, Clarke’s sincerity doesn’t just win Will’s heart, it wins ours, too.  When she smiles, the whole screen glows.


After that incident, Will knew in his heart of hearts that this is what he wanted. I see no reason of forcing someone to live life they know will become more unbearable with time.

If all this seems good, then it is. Will have found his adorable saviors even though he has Louisa by his side but he still may not want to be saved.

“Me before you” is by turns funny and unpredictable. The interesting element is not how Louisa saved Wills live but how Will helps to free Louisa emotionally.

The letter Will wrote to Louisa,

Don’t think of me too often. I don’t want to think of you getting all maudlin. Just live well.



   OK, I’ll leave you alone to drown in your tears now.



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