65 Year Old Dies While Watching Conjuring 2!


After the success of conjuring in 2013, James Wan is back with conjuring 2.
The important of all question, Is conjuring 2 scary? Will it make us jump from our seat? The answer yes! Under the direction of James Wan every movie he makes is based on a clichéd haunted house that is generally scary but not scary to kill a person.


There are rumors that a person died while watching conjuring 2 and is missing. Hocus Pocus where did he go?

It’s funny how people take such things serious, Yes he died but not due to the movie, he had a heart attack. Doctors have declared that he suffered a heart attack in past too. How hard is to get that?
One thing is for sure that Conjuring 2 is not for weak heart people. If you have always been scared of paranormal stuffs then avoid watching it we don’t want any other death.


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