I wish to work in Pakistani films – Huma Qureshi

I wish to work in Pakistani films - Huma Qureshi

Bollywood beauty Huma Quershi who has accumulated quite a few hits is now looking forward to work in Pakistani movies.

In an interview when asked if she would consider working in a Pakistani project, she said, “I would love to work in a Pakistani project, if it’s the right offer.” Regarding her expectations from Dobara in Pakistan, Qureshi said, “I simply hope that Pakistani people go to watch Dobara and they like it.”

She further said that instead of conventional milestones, her goal is “to do many films and grow all old and wrinkly and sit with my children and grandchildren and show them all my films.”

About her preference between indie or mainstream films, Qureshi shared that she enjoys doing both. “I’m an actor so I like it to mix it up. There are no preferences as I look for interesting characters, rather than consider the scale and genre of the project.”

The rising star’s other upcoming project includes Gurinder Chadha’s Viceroy’s House, which revolves around Lord Mountbatten’s last few days in the Indian subcontinent before the Partition in 1947.


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