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Woman goes viral after misbehaving with staff!

A recent video has surfaced up on social media involving a woman that is seen screaming furiously at the waiting staff and chef of a very well renowned restaurant in Karachi, Pakistan.

In this video, you can see a female customer was infuriated at the staff when they asked her for a Covid certification and requested her to wear a mask. This is standard protocol for any restaurant or mall that is operating during this pandemic and failure to follow rules can result in severe consequences. The restaurant staff proceeded to explain why it was mandatory for her to cover her face with a mask however, this female customer decided it was wrong of them to ask her to follow basic protocol and started a riot within this eatery.

This worst part is the way she behaved, and this woman’s sense of entitlement really put me in awe.

Is this how we treat people that serve us our food, are cashiers or provide a service to fulfil our needs? Are they no rules for the protection of these servers and waiters when it comes to their own human rights?

Previously, a pair of friends was spotted insulting their server at a restaurant called “Canolli” for not speaking English. The next thing we see is this woman screaming her head off at the staff that was guiding her to do the right thing.

I am embarrassed and ashamed if these educated yet ignorant individuals who treat lower staff like property and behave disgracefully. Is this the message we are passing on to our kids and youth? So that they are discouraged from jobs like these? If we were living somewhere abroad, we would know the value of the service industry and offer the same respect we serve to waiters abroad compared to how they are treated here.

It is truly a shame!

Don’t be this woman.

Until next time.

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