Yasir Nawaz is all ready for his upcoming movie

Yasir Nawaz is all ready for his upcoming movie

After the success of Wrong No. in 2016, one of the most talented actor and director of Pakistani television and film industry Yasir Nawaz is all set for his upcoming film Mehrunisa V Lub U (MVLU).

Speaking at the conference, Nawaz said; “He has tried not to do the things that he did in his last film, Wrong No. as pointed out to him by some people. His entire team had worked hard on the project. He requested Pakistanis living anywhere in the world to see his film so that he gets encouraged to make more films. He claimed he has put his heart and soul into the venture. “

Mehrunisa V Lub U (MVLU) is a comedy, a rom-com basically, but it also has a small message which we’ve told through the comedy as the overall tone of the film is very light and fun.

Writer Saqib Sameer said it was Nawaz’s one-liner which he narrated to him and he expanded into a screenplay. “It was a dream-come-true situation for me.”

Along with donning the director’s cap, Yasir will also be producing the film with Hassan Zia and Nida Yasir. The writer is Saqib Sameer and the cast includes Javed Sheikh, Danish Taimoor, Sana Javed, Saqib Sameer, Amna Ilyas among others.

The film will be released on Eid in Pakistan and the Middle East, and then in the rest of the world.


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