5 Exercises You Need To Do Every Day to Stay Fit


Making exercise a part of your life can give you million benefits. As it gives you strength to function throughout the day.  Even if you are a beginners, seniors or a best athletes, in order to get a perfect body and healthy life its must to perform these five exercises.

So get out of bed and wear your shoes, distribute blood flow to muscles, lubricate the joints and boost your metabolism.

The push-up

For some people push up is quite easy but for others, it feels impossible. So you can keep including a variation of it in your daily routine. It’s best to make your chest muscles work. It engages your triceps, biceps, abdominal muscles or in other words it delivers intense upper body workout with just one exercise.


The squat

Squats are quite versatile and efficient exercise that brings with it a whole host of benefits. Engaging your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and the core muscles.

There is variety in this exercise, different muscle groups and training goals. Sumo squats, single leg squats, squat jumps, pulsed squats, and barbell squats.


Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are great for cardiovascular health and also for toning muscles as multiple muscles work together and get the heart rate up. Variations can be made like crisscross jacks, power jacks, squat jacks.



Various group of muscles are utilized. There are different kinds of planks like cork screw, three-limb, mermaid Plank to make it easier to do.


Walk or a Run

If you are short on time and looking for a way to stay healthy, so this exercise can do wonders. Whether you go outside or inside on a treadmill, both can be good for you. It can help you maintaining your weight and you can build stronger bones and muscles. Also, it will help your heart to stay healthy and keeping your blood pressure low.



Sara Isar

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