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Pakistan awaits for the K2 climbers

Three day rescue effort has failed to locate Ali Sadpara and two fellow mountaineers.

Mohammad Ali Sadpara, Pakistans most sucessfull mountaineer and national hero of pakistan was aware of the risks of climbing the world’s highest mountain in winter. Sadpara, went missing along with two other climbers, John Snorri from Iceland and Jaun Pablo Mohr from Chile, on K2, the worlds second highest mountain.

The three climbers were last seen by Sadpara’s son Sajid on Friday noon, near the bottleneck, which is to be known as most difficult part of the climb.
The spot is just above the ceiling of helicopters that have been looking for the three climbers since three days. Muhammad Ali Sadpara is national hero of Pakistan, Pakistani military spokesman, Babar Iftikhar said on Monday. ‘The Pakistan army is putting full efforts to rescue him’

Ali Sadpara started his career as a high-altitude porter on the Baltoro glacier on K2 in 2004, in an interview he said, I love high-altitude climbing but there is lack of opportunities that Pakistani climbers has to face, despite having five of the worlds highest mountains on our doorstep.

Speaking to reporters, Sajid, son of Ali Sadpara acknowledged there was little chance the three climbers could survived so high on K2 in winter, he also added that he waited overnight at a camp below the bottleneck, waiting for them to come down. He also kept the tent lights opened at night thinking they would see it when they climb back.
It was the groups second attempt of climbing K2 this winter, in a season that has already taken away the lives of three other climbers in that area.

Helicopters have been searching the upper reaches of the mountains for the three climbers, Pakistani media has been showing a lot of efforts, with almost hourly updates about the climbers.

We hope the three missing climbers on K2 get rescue despite the dwindling odds. Ali Sadpara is our National Hero, We are praying for a miracle and safe return of our hero and his team.

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