Due to the influx of products within the market, hair care can sometimes intimidate many of us. However, there are a few ways to ensure that you keep your locks healthy with the use of natural and beneficial oils, that are easy to find and free of any chemicals.



Olive Oil 

Extremely rich in Vitamin C. It’s regular use can act as

an anti-breakage supplement and a long-term solution to

split ends. Plus, it eliminates dandruff.




Almond Oil 

The use of this oil can strengthen and soften your hair.

Moreover, it is quite rich in B-7, more commonly known

as Biotin and has a SPF level of 5, serving as a natural

shield from sun damage.



blankArgan Oil

High in Omega-3, promoting thicker and fuller hair, while

allowing it to retain moisture, lustre and vibrancy. It is

extremely beneficial for hair growth and locking in all the





Coconut Oil

Contains Vitamin E & K hence, stimulating hair growth. Since it

is high in fatty acids, it prevents dryness and frizziness, during

this season.



blankCastor Oil

A smart choice for hair that needs a bit of life as it locks

the moisture and penetrates deep within the follicles. It

also promotes hair growth as well as volume.



Gooseberry Oilblank

High in antioxidants and prevents scalp infections. It is

more commonly known as Amla and can also slow down

the graying process in hair.



The benefits are endless, plus who doesn’t want to have hair that speaks ‘volumes’. Go get your shine girl!




Areeba Siddiqui

Project Head at FHM Pakistan. An aspiring film-maker and music aficionado who strongly believes in the power of words to bring a major change. Analytical, dreamer and a philanthropist. All about sunsets, nature and embracing the true essence of life.

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