Most amazing thing that’s happened to me was the breaking of my band Jal – Atif Aslam

From the starting days with a wonder hit Aadat and band members Atif Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz, the band got into all sort of controversies and both Atif Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz played the blame game and got parted ways just after one song.

Recently in an interview one of the jury of the latest televised music competition ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands,’ Atif Aslam opened up about his journey, looking back at his yesteryears band Jal and what he has in store next.

“I took it up because I genuinely wanted to revive the music industry. A lot of my seniors never respected my work, initially in my early days, so I just feel it’s high time we appreciate and support the budding talent,”

“Honestly, the most amazing thing that’s happened to me was the breaking of my band. It’s not your personal choice; it’s not something you can control. There’s a lot that one contemplates, you know someone’s ego may come into play or the lack of respect for one another,” he says, unabashedly, and on a rather personal note.

“But it Jal reminds me of good-energy, because they’re (the contestants) all very inspirational and I’ve literally had a great time listening to their music and sound.” he confessed.

While one cannot think of a better judging body, the irony, however, is that all of them set out to encourage aspiring bands while having parted ways from their own.


Fareeha Imdad

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