An Exclusive Session with Zeeshan Mianoor, CEO – Inovi Technologies


BM: Completing your one year anniversary in Pakistan, what response have you received from the people in terms of feedback and product review?

ZM: Ever since Honor launched in February of last year we have received an overwhelming response from the Pakistani Market and we have been able to grow exponentially in terms of sales and overall market share.

BM: What challenges have you come across with the rise in market competition?

ZM: With the growing presence of Chinese smartphones brands competing tin the same category, price range and device specifications it is becoming increasingly challenging to create differentiation and maintain competitive advantage.

BM: Which flagship phone had the best response?

ZM: Gauging the overall response in terms of honor as a brand would be a more holistic way of understanding this. We think the positive response that we have received in Pakistan is more of a culmination of multiple product offerings and how they appealed to the 60% of the county’s population (YOUTH).


BM: Honor has been seen excessively in endorsing brand faces with Honor. What was the motive behind it and can we expect a similar approach in 2019?

ZM: Our current influencer pool includes the likes of Mehwish Hayaat ,Asim Azhar, Irfan Junejo are a prime example of that. In 2019, plan is to see what has worked for us in the past year and based on our learnings we will move forward this year. We have some exciting new additions to which the consumers will be exposed to in the near future. A lot of Honor users are waiting for what’s next and we will not be keeping them waiting for too long.

BM: What is the best memory do you have since the day Honor was launched in Pakistan?

ZM: For me it was when we achieved 10,000 Honor 8X units sold in Pakistan. What made it so special was that the team worked really hard to push the product and in under a month we were able to over achieve our internal targets.

The best part was when we as a team got the chance to celebrate this achievement with Honor Fans in Lahore which also kicked off our string of concerts across Pakistan featuring Honor’s youth ambassador Asim Azhar.


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