An Exclusive Session with Dennis Zhang, Managing Director – Honor Pakistan


BM: Completing your one year anniversary in Pakistan, what response have you received from the people in terms of feedback and product review?

DZ: At the start we had a very good idea of what the local customers were looking in a smartphone – Flagship features coupled with affordable prices. The devices that we launched in Pakistan were based on these two core consumer insight and it gives me great pleasure to say that till now Honor devices have been much liked and appreciated by the local consumer and we have started to see an increase in brand awareness regarding honor as a separate brand amongst the general audience.

BM: What challenges have you come across with the rise in market competition?

DZ: We believe it is very important to incorporate customer feedback and give them what they are looking for in a smartphone. But keeping in mind the response that we have received from the local consumer along with our rigorous R&D we are very confident of growing our market share further by providing local consumer flagship features in a budget friendly price.

Honor is still relatively new entrant in the Pakistani market which is already occupied by industry giants who are well established in the market.  But we strongly believe that current and forecasted level of innovation and rapid change within the sector it’s essential to cater to the changing needs & wants of the customers and we are confident that in 2019 with the help of our upcoming products we will be able to establish ourselves further in the Pakistani market.


BM: Which flagship phone had the best response?

DZ: We have been extremely pleased with the performance of all our devices that have been introduced. It started with the Honor 7 series back when we started our journey here in Pakistan. Honor 7X, Honor 10, Honor 8X & Honor 8C to name a few that performed above our expectations.

BM: Honor has been seen excessively in endorsing brand faces with Honor. What was the motive behind it and can we expect a similar approach in 2019?

DZ: It is estimated that over 60% of the entire population comprised of youth, which is the core target market for Honor smartphones, ranging from age 18-35. Our aim as Honor is to introduce various offerings that are suitable for students, young adults and then to professional. Thus, it’s essential to have a faces that are relatable to the target audience. The influencers that we have worked with or opted to take on board appeal to the target market which we aim to cater to and also has enabled us to establish the brand personality of Honor.

BM: What is the best memory do you have since the day Honor was launched in Pakistan?

DZ: There are so many memories that comes to mind but the official launch in Pakistan itself along with the success of Honor 7X followed by that of Honor 10 and then Honor 8X are the fondest of memories so far.


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