Beat the Summer heat by trying these energizing freezers!


What’s a healthier way to beat the killing heat of summer than enjoying the refreshing and scrumptious cocktails and margaritas. Summer is at the peak and with it comes the hot, sunny days and moments when you just feel the need and crave for yummy chilled drinks. Don’t make your taste buds wait because we have got some yummy recipes of different fruity drinks with yummylicious flavors and a cooling twist.

The recipes which we’ll share are going to be for everyone who would love to enjoy these freezers for kids or adults. During summers, most of us preferably like to choose a fruitfully delicious flavor that would please our taste buds for just to cool you down or relax and to chill out. For your special “me-time” and summer shenanigans enjoy every bit by trying these out!

  1. Watermelon Soda

Dice a seeded watermelon in pieces and mix it well with honey in a blender. Process it until smooth. Add some concentrated lemon juice according to your taste and blend it well. Don’t forget to add crushed ice with soda to add some fizz. Garnish the drink with some mint and it is good to be served.


  1. Cucumber and Mint Lemonade

Peel a cucumber and neatly grate it. In a mixer, add some lemon juice or extract, some sugar or honey if on diet and top it off with black salt. Blend it well till it becomes smooth.  Crush mint leaves and mix them with some chilled water and ice. Enjoy the healthy and tangy drink with your favourite meals.



  1. Peach and Apple Nectar

Extract apple nectar and mix it with peach pulp with sufficient amount of water to smooth it out. Add sugar or make it sugar free according to your own preference. Mix the ingredients well with chilled ice and allow it to settle in a layer.


  1. Pineapple punch

For this, you will need to blend some pineapples with water to make a thick syrup and leave some chunky. Pour in ice and the chunks to feel the flavor of pulpy pineapple chunks too. Add this scrumptious drink in parties and serve it in dinner menus as it surely is simple to make as it looks



  1. Phalsa Slush

Phalsa lovers, surely know how to make the most of this sour berry-looking fruit in the summer season. This much awaited Summer fruit becomes a minute maid or a go-to drink especially to beat the scorching summer heat and is available everywhere especially in Pakistan. To prepare this drink, you don’t need much but just few cups of the fruit, lemon extract, sugar and black salt. Compress phalsas and extract its pulp and juice to strain out its seeds. Thin the pulp by adding water and sugar and blend it well with ice. For extra tangy flavor top it off with black salt and delight yourself with every sip of it.



Lalain Fatima

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