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Breakfast on the go!

To ensure your health stays on track and you start your day right, it is essential to have a healthy and fulfilling breakfast. For many of us who are working, breakfast is usually on the go and it is hard to think of quick and easy ideas for breakfast that are healthy and light.

The solution for this? A yoghurt bowl! You can whip this up in 5 minutes in the morning or make it overnight to have an option for an energising breakfast early morning!

Here is what you will need:

1 cup Yoghurt

1 table spoon of Chia seeds

1 tea spoon of Honey

A handful of frozen/fresh berries

1 table spoon of Crushed almonds

This is the most fulfilling and nutritious breakfast that you can opt for on the go.

Try it out and start your day right.

Until next time!


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