Breaking News: Is Monal Restaurant closing?

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered to demolish the illegally constructed portion of Monal Restaurant at Margalla Hills

Further, It was said by Zartaj Gul, Minister for Climate Change, that the restaurant is constructed in Margalla National Pak and apparently it is against the law to erect constructions on national parks. Also, it has been seen that the restaurant is sealed for the last few months due to illegal cutting of trees to expand the construction as well.

Wow! Are you shocked and disheartened?  I sure am, it was one of the best places I have ever been too. From the views to the food, everything about this place was amazing! It is one of the most famous attractive tourist spots of Pakistan. Whoever plans to visit Islamabad, Monal is one of the places on their list to go.


Is this news confirmed or not? Will the most famous restaurant actually shut down? Stay tuned for updates!!



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