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Easy tips on how to combat the sleep paralysis demon

The frightening, terrifying and obscure parasomnia or sleep disorder has been experienced by many people and here is why you need to know about how to combat this issue.

Is sleep paralysis a major problem to worry about? According to some studies and research regarding sleeping issues, to conclude, sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak during sleep resulting in stiffness of the body either when you are waking up or falling asleep. It surely isn’t that harmful but the few minutes or seconds of it result in becoming frightening for the one who suffers from it.

Some say that it is an evil or a sleep demon but what is it actually? And why does it occur?

It is a situation or feeling of being in a state of consciousness but being unable to move. Some people may feel a feeling of heaviness, pressure on body and choking for a few seconds or minutes too. Sleep paralysis is one of the very common sleeping disorders that naturally occur like excessive sleeping. You may or may not be aware of it when the paralysis occurs.

To know what develops this condition read further. It is said that this occurs due to the following reasons and lacking:

-Overpowering or excessive sleeping

-Lack of proper sleep for appropriate hours.

-Sleeping on the back

-Mental conditions like stress, migraines and tensions.

-Use of some heavy medications.

To diagnose this you need to know about a few symptoms that indicate about this paralysis happening. You feel anxious and your mind becomes isolated because you know that you have no help at the very moment. The body feels heavy and becomes stiff to move however you become conscious. These problems keep you up during the night,

This is how sleep paralysis can be controlled and this is how one can prevent it!

  • Try not to sleep on your back by putting all the body weight on that side.
  • Learn muscle relaxation techniques
  • Warm ups and exercises are to be done daily
  • Learn about the medications that you intake and their effects.
  • Sleep for appropriate hours and on daily basis. Don’t be a victim of insomnia
  • Using antidepressant medications to regulate sleeping cycles.
  • Consult a specialist

If you feel the symptoms of occasional sleeping disorders there won’t be any need to fear the demons that keep you up during your sleep. Make a fresh start to your day and try to delete stresses to feel relieved. Hope this works out for you!

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