Essentials you need to pack if you plan on a summer getaway with your best friends

Card Holder

Keep all your cards, passport and ID intact with you by carrying a cool card holder, so the next time you try to scour through your bag you don’t have to go through the hasel of pouring everything out.

Polaroid Camera

Don’t miss out on any of your crazy moments with your best friend. Give your pictures a retro filter by taking photos using a Polaroid camera rather than the one on your cellphone.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This is a must have in your suitcase. Who can live without music on a trip? What if you’re out searching for a location in a different state and your Uber doesn’t have an aux cord? Well, hello you’ve got your speakers to save you from this unfortunate situation. 

Dry Shampoo

Your hair are going to turn gross eventually since you are traveling and you will most probably forget to shower after a long day exploring the new city with you spend out with your best friends. A dry shampoo itself is a girl’s best friend when it comes to keeping the hair oil free and smooth.

Lumee Case

Your selfies can’t get any better if you don’t keep a Lumee case in spare. Take some editorial worthy selfies with your best friends!


You do not want a tan on your Summer Vacay, right? Keep a SPF 50 Sunblock in your suitcase and carry it in your bag at all times. You have no idea what the sun can do to your skin!

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