Fahad Mirza is all set upon adding another feather to his hat of success


Pakistan enriched with talented people, who have proved their selves in aspects of lives including their participation in competitive entertainment industry. Graduated from Dow University, Fahad is a model and actor of entertainment industry.

Fahad Mirza is the latest Pakistani to be on board the British musical Ishq. The play is being directed by Dr. Farooq Beg and has been written by Mushfiq Murshed.

Ishq is London’s first Anglo Punjabi Sufi musical, brought to the stage by Serendip Productions, an international award-winning company from Pakistan.

The legend of Heer Ranjha  tells the story of a romance that created a  revolutionary uproar, as one woman challenged a patriarchal society and shook it to its foundations. Ishq is an adaptation of that classic love story which was originally penned by the immortal Sufi Saint Waris Shah, and features specially commissioned music and choreography from across Pakistan and the UK.

The actor is also pleased to be enrolled in the high end plastic surgery courses that he’ll be attending post Ishq

“It’s like a dream come true for me. I’m getting a chance to do two of the things I love simultaneously, and the courses I’m enrolled for are high tech and advanced so I hope to bring back a wealth of knowledge to my profession as well,” said Fahad.


Fareeha Imdad

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