Through the lens of Abid Saleem

Through the lens of Abid Saleem


FHM: Tell us something about yourself? How did your career begin in the world of fashion?
AS: I was in 10th grade when I accidentally entered in the field. The reason of gaining interest in this field was that most people of the industry lived in my area including; fashion, music and drama. My first visit was on the sets of former model, Mansoor’s shoot where ArifMehmood was the photographer. It was an outdoor shoot and he did an amazing job, and that is the moment I realized that I also want to do exactly this.

I did my first shoot at I.I Chundrigar Road and since the weather was so good, luckily without any professional experience, the shoot came out to be quite well. I then met ZarminaKhilji to print my shoot she then advised me to carry on with photography further. And so the first cheque I received was of Rs. 3,500/-, which at that time was a huge amount. Then only did I buy all the necessary equipment and upgraded my camera to pursue my career in photography. During this entire journey I have had immense support from many, who fought for me and my hard work.

FHM: What challenges did you face?
AS: When someone starts a new business or job they face a lot of difficulties by all sorts of competitors in the market. Because we don’t have proper institutes and training centers, I think the most important thing that keeps you focused towards your work is your attitude, then your passion and patience that help you grow.

FHM: Your biggest inspiration?
AS: My dream was to do commercial photography. It was my inspiration and I have achieved it. I always wanted to move forward. I got my first commercial of Lux and it was the biggest achievement. Few of the people who inspired me are ZarminaKhilji, BilquisNasrullah (late), MoazzamAbbasi, TehminaKhaled and Nabila.

FHM: How do you make sure that your skills and knowledge are updated?
AS: I upgrade my equipment and then I take initial trainings about how to operate them. Plus, I search a lot on the internet just to learn new techniques.


FHM: Any project or picture you are proud of?
AS: In my opinion, every picture is special to me since I give my hundred percent in every project. And I am proud of every picture because it has given me respect.

FHM: How do you deal with criticism?
AS: It depends, I have served 26 years in this industry and this is why people do not put their effort just for the sake of respect, which I think is wrong. When you’re working with a bunch of people, you are working with a team and so you have to compile yourself to take and implement positive changes within yourself with the criticism you get.

FHM: Any celebrity you want to shoot?
AS: I have worked with almost everyone, nationally and internationally. But, the one person whom I actually requested for a picture was Khan Sahb (Imran Khan). I really wish to make his portraits and luckily I got a chance while doing a commercial for Pepsi. Now, after serving 26 years if I look back, I have worked with every celebrity in this industry.

FHM: Any interesting memory?
AS: When I got to work with Kareena Kapoor, it was the most memorable time. She is extremely down to earth and very professional.

FHM: Any message to the aspiring photographers?
AS: The field is open for them, because when we started our career it was the hardest time. Now, textile has changed the whole scenario of our industry and new photographers are more than welcome, but do not lose patience and passion.

Rapid Fire

FHM: Favourite model?
AS: Iraj

FHM: Favourite brand to work with?
AS: Unilever and in fashion it’s Lakhani textiles.

FHM: Favouritecolour?
AS: Black

FHM: Favourite food?
AS: Chinese and thai food

FHM: Favourite place?
AS: Karachi

FHM: That one thing you can’t live without?
AS: Mobile phone

FHM: Favourite perfume?
AS: Levis


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