Fashion industry needs a creative revival

The fashion industry has a huge environmental impact, with increasing consequences all around the world.
Pakistani industry needs a creative revival. Especially, the Fashion industry of Pakistan has faced a huge loss during the pandemic crisis. Therefore, it is very vital for them to finally move towards a creative shift in fashion material.

As the world is going towards eco-friendly materials, Pakistan industries and businesses should also focus and verge towards creativity revival.

The alarming level of greenhouse gases in the environment, fast-depleting natural resources, and the increasing level of industrial effluents.


When all kinds of waste such as clothes, furniture, carpets, televisions, shoes, paper, food wastes, etc. end up in the landfill, only a few of them are naturally decomposed and thus a large majority remains as non-biodegradable.

“Using recycled, rather than new materials offers an opportunity to drastically reduce non-renewable resourceand the negative impacts of the industry, like CO2 emissions, water, and chemical use,”



Isra Shams

"Fashion is life and living in style makes a statement worth a while!" Hey, I'm Isra Shams, the Managing Editor at Brands Magazine & FHM Pakistan.

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