This fashion show is only for models with disabilities

This fashion show is only for models with disabilities

In its first for Ethiopia, a fashion show was organized for models with disabilities. These models did not let their physical appearances get into the way of success they always wanted to achieve, and the dreams they always wanted to fulfill.

All the 28 models who walked the length of ramp in the show had some kind of physical faults, but they still stuttered and stammered their way to the end. They did not let that catwalk of their life be hindered by any obstacle and hindrance in their path. All these models expressed their wish that all they want to do is to have fun.

The designers of the show stated that they have now started to design clothes that are more feasible to wear for people with disabilities, as they did not have any designer clothes to wear, prior to this. Each outfit of the collection has been tailored in such a way that it best suit the needs of that specific model who has to wear it. The best part? The clothes aren’t meant to hide their flaws, but enhance them in a beautiful way.

The video ends with a message by one of the models that every day all we see is people complaining about wealth, clothes, body, makeup, beauty and all, even when they have got what this world prefers as beautiful. But these people do not have to worry about their appearances, as they are comfortable with what they have and they are certainly beautiful. They proudly own the world.


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