Future technology that we will be getting


What is the future of technology?

Future Technology, this word … what comes to your mind after hearing to it??

Technology has helped humans over the decade as well as ruined life in many ways also. If we see 20 years back, we didn’t have this kind of knowledge and facilities that we have right now. Things are evolving really fast. Humans are discovering just unbelievable things that we didn’t imagine in the past.


We are studying some things that people will benefit from in the future. For example, Solar energy. Right now, humans use electricity for all their basic needs like powering hand gadgets, home appliances, industrials things, etc. and we produce electricity from 2 basic sources which are fossil fuels and nuclear energy. And we do know that in the coming 100 to 150 years all these fuels and energy will be finished. So, for now, humans are working on renewable energy. And the very great source of renewable energy is solar energy. Because solar energy is the only thing that we can enjoy for decades, and it will still there after 500 years. Right now, we have solar panels in the market that we use to utilize solar energy and convert it to electricity but still, proper technology is not there. If this technology gets to the market, this will revolutionize the total concept of electricity.


After that, if we think about artificial hearts or artificial organs for humans, we have also discovered some artificial organs for humans that we can use instead of the natural organs of humans. These things were introduced for those people who have lost their body organs in any incident. So, they can use these artificial organs instead of their damaged ones.


Right now, if we talk about means of transport, so that is the very big problem right now that we are facing. We have increasing cars and motorcycles on the road, which is making a lot of traffic everywhere. The solution for this thing that humans have invented is flying transport. Humans are working on flying traffic which will help out lowering up the traffic as well as help out in lowering up global warming. Talking about transport and global warming, we do know that cars use petrol to run, and we are aware of that how much bad effect it has on the environment. So now to overcome this problem humans are also working on electric cars which will use electricity to run and as it will be rechargeable there will be no harmful waste.

In this, we still have a problem with that, it still needs manpower in that. So, to overcome that problem, humans have come up with self-driving technology. Tesla is a company that has introduced this technology but still, proper technology is not there. Humans are working on that and in the future, we will be having great self-driving technology.


Now, Ai (Artificial Intelligence) is also a new technology that we will be getting properly in the future. Ai is a thing that will allow technology to think by itself and ease the work for humans.

There are still some bad effects of future technology also the biggest effect is that humans will lose more of their creativity as future technology will do our work. More like that, we will be having some worse effects.


Junaid Ahmed

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