Get ready, to get dazzled this Eid

Get ready, to get dazzled this Eid

As Eid is right around the corner, ladies are out and about to get their hands on the perfect dress, picking the right prints with the most elegant cuts and colours. Without being judgmental, what better look could you find than that at Gul Ahmed, having the best pick for the occasion!

Gul Ahmed has come about with yet another explicit range of elegant and mesmerizing Eid ul Azha collection that is for sure to dazzle every passing eye along every step you take.

Gul Ahmed is here with the best you can possibly find!

The exclusive team of FHM Pakistan’s fashion stylists has assured to have the best pick this Eid if you opt for Gul Ahmed, get ready to make shopping a whole lot easier for your spouse and decide ahead of time the look you wish to wear this Eid. Paired with soft flowy silk and an extra tinge of detailed chiffon dupattas, Gul Ahmed’s Eid collection will give you that fancy look you have always wanted.  If you want something edgy then choose from the various cambric dupatta pieces.

Get ready, to get dazzled this Eid


Don’t hold back and get yourself indulged in that festive mood by adorning your unstitched pieces with embellished laces, embroidered necklines, pearl detailing and intricate yet subtle sequin works. What more than all this? Well, Gul Ahmed has made the most of the shoulder cut trend and knowing its popularity, has come about with a wide range of pearl embezzled shoulder cut dresses.

Get ready, to get dazzled this Eid

Get ready, to get dazzled this Eid

Moreover, take your time and create that sleek design of ruffled sleeves and bell trousers, along with those evergreen gharara pants that are definitely back with a bang. So, keep the trend alive and follow what’s in and get that Eid traditional look with Gul Ahmed. But, don’t forget the golden rule, “less is more”, so stick to one signature element in cut and embellishment each. If you opt for ruffles on the sleeves, forego the flair bottoms.

And if you think that this is it, then ladies you are absolutely wrong! Chunky metallic jewellery and single strap footwear are in vogue and will serve you best with your Gul Ahmed Eid dress.

Get ready, to get dazzled this Eid

So, if you are still deciding about your outfit this Eid, look no further as Gul Ahmed’s Eid Ul Azha collection is here to your rescue available in stores to dazzle you with the best look this festive season. Or you may simply click here to shop online.


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