Hemani during the Pandemic!


WB by Hemani and Hemani Herbal had taken notable steps towards helping the nation fight against COVID by promptly introducing products under their new category, “PERSONAL CARE & HYGIENE”. The products ranged from Sanitizers of all sizes to Multipurpose Antibacterial Products, Special Respiratory Supportive Products & Self Strengthening Products like’IMMUNITEA HERBAL RELIEF TEA’.

Not only this but they also worked with various Organizations to help people suffering from COVID along with distributing preventive products for Free to General Public. They also educated everyone through various social media campaigns about how to fight against this deadly virus.

Their Sanitizers kill 99.9% germs and have special moisturizing quality which comes from the natural ingredients present in the formula like Aloe Vera & Natural Essential Oils. Moreover, talking about their Respiratory Support Range, they have come up with products under the family ‘IMMUN’. Following Immunitea Herbal Relief Tea they recently launched Immunazal Drops, Immun Gargle Oil & ImmunOil for Steam Inhalation – all of the products are made with 100% Natural Active Ingredients, Herbs & Natural Essential Oils which help in decongesting the nasal passages, chest and make overall respiration better while also improving the defense against viruses and giving strength to the immune system.

Not only this, keeping in view the demand of fighting germs and bacteria, they have also come up with Antibacterial Beauty Range, “Insta Safe” which has grooming products but all with germ fighting qualities!

In future too Hemani plans on providing natural and herbal solutions to the people as per the changing demands and situations proving to be ‘A NATURAL LIFESTYLE SOLUTION’ for everyone. Join Hemani in their journey of giving birth to, “Sehatmand Aur Mehfooz Jahan”. ‘Be Responsible & Stay Safe’, because safety and care starts from home.


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