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Hiraeth; a yearning.

Hiraeth; a feeling of missing something. 

A homesickness, for a place you cannot return to. A home that never was. The nostalgia attached to a time in your life you cherished. A yearning, an ache for something you cannot describe. The feeling of being engrossed in the lost places of the past to which you can never go back to. 

This feeling can overtake us no matter how happy we may seem. It makes us think of all those moments and instances where life was a bliss and we felt at ease. The sense of belonging with a tinge of regret that comes from losing ourselves in this zone is indescribable. There is no reason to be sad or grieve yet this feeling seems to come and go. 

We often feel it maybe due to internal sadness but it’s not; it’s just the longing for something you cannot put a name to but immensely crave. Something that will make you feel whole again. It is a bittersweet, melancholic longing towards something or someone you love deeply. A recollection of spaces, emotions or memories that once were. 

The word HIRAETH puts in perspective this emotion we may feel. 

What or who did you think of when you read about this? 

Until next time. 

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