How to make an old home look new

If you are bored of your home’s old interior and want to make your old home look like a new one or renovated so here are some tips, generally, everyone wants to  make their home look like new

  • Clean everything

The first step is to give your house a serious deep clean, in your house, there are probably some areas where we don’t give much attention, give everything a deep thoroughly clean, a proper clean up can make your house look like new

  • Paint the walls, ceiling and trim one color to hide imperfections

Beautiful molding can make u fall in love with your older home, A simple coat of paint, then, at that point, is your initial step to protecting and featuring these details. Do a regular paint on dividers, trim and roof one tone, however with a marginally shinier on the trim to quietly point out it.



  • Highlight doors and other features

Highlighting the doors and other features are really important to make your home look attractive.

Paint your outside entryways an intense shading to make them stick out. You can likewise add a lustrous paint to your moldings to help them stand apart on the white on white on white.

·       Clean or replace carpets and rugs

Use printed or solid-colored rugs and carpets for your home if your home is carpeted throughout. If you have wood floors and use rugs, you can also get them cleaned for a newer look.

·       Add lighting

By adding some good lighting will brighten up the space you got, go for floor lamps and table lamps in your bedroom and lounge, and add some more lighting in your kitchen

·       Replace old curtains

Curtains are on display 24/7  so it is important to have good curtains on display, use some solid-colored curtains according to the paint on the walls

·       Replace your backsplash

Changing your backsplash can have a great impact on your kitchen. Replace its panels and tiles, or you can paint your tiles if it’s not in your budget.

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