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Ignorance: The real cost of fat-shaming!

You know what has become the norm for many educated yet irresponsible individuals in Pakistan that can lead to severe repercussions?

Fat-shaming. There we go! I said it.

Now, many of you reading this, will disregard it as another rant or opinion from someone who is overweight or simply whining because their physical health does not match up to your typical beauty standards.

However, let me educate you a little about why you are exactly what is wrong with this society.

To begin this article, I would LOVE to call out those people that see someone eating healthy and cannot hold back their unsolicited comments. A few examples are “Are you on a diet?” or “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful”.

Firstly, I fail to understand why eating right is directly linked to someone being on a diet? Have you ever thought about medical conditions such as PCOS, Insulin or Diabetes or are you that ignorant to these terms because you have the privilege of having an opinion only because you are not in the same position as them? Never heard anyone question someone fitter eating a healthier meal, if they are on a diet. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

Secondly, who said that being fat means being ugly? Isn’t your statement problematic when you tell someone “No, you aren’t fat, you’re beautiful”. I mean, I don’t think the individual said they were ugly? Is the typical standard of beauty only limited to those that are skinny? I mean, do you understand that everyone’s medical history may not be according to how they look and who knows maybe someone who is on the skinny side could have more health-related issues compared to someone who is heavier?

This behaviour that we see all around us has truly become the reason for many people suffering internally and hesitating to make choices that are beneficial for them. Such unwelcome comments can trigger eating disorders leading to either bulimia or binge eating. Moreover, it can cause the individual to flip 180 degrees and go back to their destructive behaviour making them spiral into a vicious circle or even worse suffer with mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and develop suicidal tendencies. People who are fat-shamed are less likely to lose weight as compared to those with a supportive environment around them.

I am just scraping the surface of how twisted things are and the way they are perceived in society. There is a lot more to it and it deeply saddens me to see how ill informed our society is in terms of labelling people without realising the consequences.

Why can people not be kind and just mind their own business. I mean, there is a saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all”. Take a hint.

It is high time we stop passing unnecessary comments and let people live. What gives you the right to speak in a condescending manner to someone that is in the situation. In many instances, some people may also not realise the kind of remarks they pass as they are not aware of the terminologies or how it could develop into a long-term problem. Offer help, offer support, or simply offer well wishes but never offer any unsolicited advice because it is not your place to. BE the solution, NOT the problem.

On that note, I will take my leave.

Until next time!

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