Importance of print media!

It is hard to accept this as true that there was an era where only print media existed, and unbelievably people at that people had just one medium in order to receive news. That was their only source which is way it was keenly observed by readers and the publications had big roles in the society. There was just one way to check the authenticity of the news that was the newspaper. It was the first thing people used to do was reading the newspaper in morning just like today how we check our phones. The current affairs that used to discussed in those newspapers were seriously discussed whether it’s a small issue or big state issue. At that precious time, when there was zero existence of social and digital media. The life was better because people used to wait for publications to publish that important part of their lives. For news writers and publishers, it was difficult to check the authenticity of the story at that time. People used to take it so seriously that nothing more interesting to whereas there is only digital and social media.

Without a doubt, no other medium of media cover news better than print as it discusses the news, topic, article in detail. It covers all the details required by the reader to know about the specific event that took place at a particular place. It chooses to cover the most important piece of news with its readers. Print media was the initial pillar of media to spread and distribute information over huge masses and still plays an important role for such purposes. Even though the new technology and advancements have taken over its importance lately now, it still is important to the people who prefer print media over any other media. Not only that but also the fact that the print media is now also available on the online platform such as social media, it still holds a significant role to play. Not only does it 0fulfill the entertainment purposes but also carries specific details and information along with being accurate that mostly other forms of media lack.

The newspapers of a country play an important role in molding the consciousness of its residents. Through print media, people started reading and reacting to the stories about their community, their nation, and their nation’s relationship around the world. Moreover, journalists and editors have the authority to tell which stories get the chance to be told and how those stories get told. Simultaneously, they offer their readers certain windows on the world, while keeping a lot more windows shut.

It was initially seen that Ancient Rome introduced it by using metals and engraved bulletins in it to spread the news on a public platform. It was later improved and in the sub-continent, it was introduced in the time span of Britishers brought that with them from the Western world. In that period of time people had a new invention in the form of newspapers which was a center of attention for everyone.

A newspaper consists of editorials and columns apart from the bulletin news across the country or globe in a broadsheet or tabloid form. Not only that it allows professionals to write them but also gives the opportunities to people to talk about something they feel the others need to know about. Majorly the young adults are given the opportunity to do so, and they take full advantage of it and not only fill in the generation gap by providing facts and figures, but also aware people of their own age with some new problem.

The newspaper addresses problems like environmental issues, relations with other countries, interesting facts about the world and even illnesses are living in a habitat that takes care of us that so that we could survive, but people of the planet Earth are not taking care of it as it is supposed to be taken care of and somehow the situation of it is getting worse day by day. The typical media is not playing its essential role it as it should rather it is ignoring every alert situation that is rising day by day however, the social media is playing its role perfectly and is keeping the users aware about the surrounding, but not everyone has approach to it, especially in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan.

Print media still has a larger target audience no matter how advances our media gets, print media will always have its importance in the world. Many people still have a keen following of newspapers and follow particular columnists. Rather than opening sites people still likes to read it manually. Print media has its importance because it has a longer time span. There are still places where newspapers are saved and is still kept and secured which can be read after years and years.



Aleena Salman

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