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“Kia kar rahi hou yar” – Faisal Qureshi schools newbies

See the guy in middle with the aviators, just like his reaction, we are speechless too and here is why.


“Kia kar rahi ho yaar… KIA KAR RAHI HO”

There you go! another fresh meme for the people on the internet, another piece of content that will spread like wildfire on all social media platforms and probably is going to trend for a month. I think just like celebrity calendar shoot, every month Pakistan offers this fresh content to the internet be it Amir Liaquat and his crazy antics during his Ramzan transmission or “pawry ho Rahi” video that made Dananeer khan and internet sensation almost every month there is a video or an incident that has to trend for all the wrong reasons.

Here you go, featuring this July, we have Faisal Qureshi’s outburst on a contestant for bullying a fellow member on a live show. This video where Faisal Qureshi left the show in anger while scolding Muskan for slapping her colleague continuously while they were celebrating his birthday. Just because she felt slapping someone for fun is fine but it’s not, it’s unethical. Muskan thought it’s funny, it’s casual, the guy would not mind but guess what Muskan, you were wrong. It’s totally unethical to slap someone for fun even as a joke especially on a live show, Muskan simply failed to understand that you cannot do anything for the sake of entertainment or can she? We will talk about this Question in a while.


“On air jaraha houta hain”

Faisal Qureshi emphasised this for a reason, clearly, he thinks that there are certain boundaries one must remember while being on a live show. Not only this but politicians as well have you ever seen them in assemblies, they fight like kids. Honestly, kids are better than them because they do shout but they shout their opinion unlike politicians who cannot state their opinions without offending their opponent

You cannot do or say anything for the sake of it being funny or categorized as entertainment. Being on a live show is a responsibility a decorum must be maintained as thousands of people are watching it and whatever you do is a reflection of your nation to the world.

Welcome to Pakistan’s entertainment industry where the above statement does not apply, actually we are far away from it. This whole idea of ‘media is free’ has encouraged certain individuals to present anything and everything they find dunny or entertaining whatever they want without thinking of the consequences of their actions. The impact of such silly and foolish antics/gigs for the sake of being famous has caused teenagers to do the same, a teenager in today’s age will be impacted, they would think that just because they have internet access and their peers have successfully managed to get famous through their inappropriate content, they can too. After all, it takes is a video where either you offend/ roast someone or do something immoral and unethical. That’s it, you become a star on the internet.


“Badtameez, jahil loug”

Now I am not saying that it is only the content makers are that at fault here, viewers are responsible too, you, me and everywhere who shares that video is responsible. It’s because we share and reshare those videos for fun without realizing that we are making someone famous for all the wrong reasons. Why are not those people who have made Pakistan proud are famous? Every day we see pictures of different people from inadequate circumstances creating extraordinary from ordinary, why are they not famous? Why are they not talking about it? Why are they not ‘the new internet sensation’? It’s simply because we the people have become prone to poor content that we find entertaining for the wrong reasons. The saddest part is that people that out them justify their antics by saying that it makes them famous and viral. People with the most unreasonable content are invited on live shows, imagine the encouragement and boost we have given them. We have literally picked them up and made them viral. The truth is that every individual on social media does not think twice before sharing anything. In short, we are responsible for the viewers. We enjoy such content, we share such content, we criticize such content. That makes everyone responsible. Unfortunately, we don’t realize the consequences. The impact of it on the youth cannot be quantified, such content has subconsciously trained the youth to follow the footsteps of content creators who will put up anything besides real ‘content.

There is always a lining in everything, here it is despite all the internet access, some true authentic content creators have found the break they needed and required to reach the next step in the search for an actual representation of Pakistan’s youth and their ability.

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