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Kya hum azaad hain?

14th August araa hai aur har saal ki tarah iss baar bhi Pakistani tayar hongay apne mulk ki azaadi manane ke liye! Woh mulk jo kuch 74 saalon pehle humaray rehnuma Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ne azaad kia aur aj ke dour main hamarey nojawanon aur hukmaranon ke hawalay hai.

If we think about ‘azaadi’ or freedom as we know it, it is a concept that is often misunderstood. What does freedom even mean? Apparently, Oxford dictionary tells me that it is the right to act, speak and do as we please without any judgement.

Pakistan hai tou azaad mulk but I’m not sure if I can say we are free.

Let me explain why I think that’s the case. In a country where a woman is either killed for voicing her opinion, harassed for choosing what she wears, kids are abused only because they are vulnerable or domestic violence occurs as a partner isn’t satisfied, where all men are targeted even if one commits a crime. I think the concept of freedom is a bit twisted because yahan sirf aurat hee nahe mard bhi azaad nahe hai aur bachay? Woh tou bohot doorh ki baat hai!

Yeh ek aisa ‘azaad’ mulk hai jahan apni awaaz uthanay pe mardiya jaata hai ya unhi puranay khayalat ki soch rakh ker aik bachi ke parhne ka haq cheenlia jaata hai, yeh wahi azaad mulk hai jahaan muhabbat karne pe pooray muwashray main badnaam kia jata hai aur agar mard ko hojaye tou maan lia jaata hai aur aise mamlon ko bilkul dabadia jata hai lekin larki ki izat ko uchal dia jata hai.

I want to understand why we, as Pakistani’s are so proud of our country being independent when we fail to stand by and implement the true meaning of it?

The last few days have got me thinking, 14th August is right around the corner and I don’t think we should be celebrating considering all the atrocities that have recently occurred in our ‘Azaad Mulk’.

Yeh kesi azaadi hai? Jis main hamare haq humain milte naheen, jahan hum kuch bolnay se pehle hazaar daffa sochte hain, jis azaadi ke darr se humne akelay bahar nikalna chordia hai?

This is my only concern in terms of ‘Independence Day’, why are we even celebrating it when the concept of independence is so alien to our extremist society.

I don’t know how many of you agree but it is what it is. Mera bas ek hi sawaal hai, kya aap azaad hain?

Until next time.

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