Mansha Pasha compares Indian government with Nazis

Actor Mansha Pasha recently got into a Twitter spat with a Bollywood star’s sister and things got messy.

It started when Pasha called out actor Kangna Ranaut and said that she was a “classic example of a woman who started off as someone who talked down privilege and a voice against nepotism” but then “she used progressive values to gain traction and then support a government that stifles all voices of dissent”.

Ranaut’s sister and manager Rangoli jumped in to defend her on social media and the trolls followed. Rangoli’s Twitter account was eventually suspended, according to Scroll, after she posted a tweet demanding that “mullas” and secular media” be made to “stand in a line” and be killed.

Pasha broke down her thought process in a series of posts on social media.

In a thread, she explained: “Lessons to learn from modern day India: Ideologies are not incorruptible. Neither are people. Buying off the media or calling media personnel unnationalistic for questioning the governing party has serious consequences. Being born underprivileged doesn’t make u a good person.”

“Especially if you spend your time inciting hatred,” she said. “Leaders rely on his army of followers to sow hatred, divisiveness. The followers carry out the directions coming from the top: celebrities shouldn’t peddle toxic nationalism.”


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