Thank you Mattel for giving us Barbie of 2016 – Ashley Graham

It was every single girl’s dream to own a Barbie doll in their childhood. I remember imagining myself as a Barbie when a dark coloured Barbie came out. Even though, because of Barbie, girls were taught that super skinny girls are beautiful which lead to a lot of body shamming but then people lived with it as they got to see a lot of skinny models. Then a time came when a 29-year-old girl Ashley Graham changed the ideology and concept of being ‘skinny and beautiful’ to ‘you are beautiful the way you are.’

ashley graham

Ashley is representing women of all sizes, and living her dreams at this age. Her list of accolades adds an honour given by Mattel, Barbie manufacturer by unveiling a doll based on Ashley Graham, after being the first size 16 model to star on Sports Illustrated earlier this year.

According to Ashley, Mattel had to fulfil one condition, “She had to have her thighs touch, “No ands, ifs or buts about it. And I asked for cellulite but obviously plastic and cellulite don’t go hand in hand. It was important that the Barbie resembled me as much as possible. The thighs touching was one way to show young girls that it’s okay for your thighs to touch, despite society saying that a ‘thigh gap’ is more beautiful.”

ashley graham

As for the outfit of the Graham doll, It was inspired by an outfit she wore herself; a sparkly dress, a Sonia Rykiel jacket, and Pierre Hardy boots.

“Now every girl does look like Barbie,” she explained. “It’s not an unattainable thing. Now, they can say, ‘That’s my Barbie. I look like that one.” 

Once again I feel like a barbie!

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