Mehwish Hayat has a special Method of Handling Her Madness

Be careful people! Mehwish Hayat is taking gun shooting trainings to handle her own madness.


The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz receiver was recently under great stress after her fake video went viral on social media. The actress was sharing some lit photos with some worrying captions.



Lately, the Load Wedding actress shared photos on her Instagram account in which she can be seen in a shooting range club, taking her frustration out by shooting the bullets.

She captioned the post as,


“There’s method to my madness.”



Earlier, Mehwish had shared a photo on her Instagram story, that had left the entire nation worrying and many of them thought that she is battling depression.


Mehwish wrote,


”Hum wahaan hain jahaan se hum ko bhi.. Kuch hamaari khabar nahi aati.


Again she posted a quote,



Sara Isar

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