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Must-known style tips for tall men

Tall men mostly don’t find clothes that fit well, often the sleeves are shorts and the length of certain clothes seems shrank. Formal shirts are easy to untie, socks slip off, and shoes over 15 yards are hard to find. Being tall certainly has its advantages, but buying elegant, well-fitting clothes (especially on a limited budget) is a challenge. The point of dressing like a tall man is not to hide or disguise your height. Like anybody type, the goal of dressing for tall men is to look symmetrical and elegant, but you have to work harder than a person of average height to achieve this goal because mainstream clothing is not designed for you.

However, there are certain ways to make sure that your tall height does not hinder your overall look


Dress in layers

If you’re more slender to average built and on the taller side of the height spectrum, using different layers to add dimension to your outfit is an excellent idea. Not only does this help you score some styling points by adding a vest paired with a sweater underneath a jacket, but it also creates new points of interest that do not increase height.

Horizontal strips over vertical

Although it is a fashionable pattern, the vertical stripes will increase your height and make you look taller than you actually are. If you like the striped style, choose a horizontal line that will ruin the appearance. In addition, choose slightly thicker stripes in the design. If you are tall, it is best to avoid dress shirts with pinstripes.

Avoid Skin fit jeans

Avoid wearing too-tight jeans, we all love to wear well-fitted jeans. But for tall men skinny and super slim-fit jeans is not allowed as it will make you look taller than usual and would drive away from the attention from the upper body and would give an unproportionate overall look.

Use contrast

Using different textures and colours can help you break the tall silhouette. incorporating colours and textures will elevate your dressing game.

Bolder shoes

It may look like we are attempting to focus your feet more, well that is the idea. your feet are proportionate to your body hence you need to work on that part too. when you have the option of wearing bold shoes, go for it. A Two-tone Oxford shoe will bring the right amount of attention to your feet hence will diminish all the focus from your height. Also if you are wearing solid coloured shoes, try pairing them up with coloured laces.

Customized clothes, made-to-measure

This is probably the least surprising suggestion. Sometimes, the only way to get a decent fit is to find clothes that can be customized to your size. The good news is that it is now easier than ever to find tailor-made products, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. The biggest benefit of buying MTM or customized products is that you don’t have to pay the final cost of the tailor to change the product. When it arrives, its size should match your size perfectly so that you can wear it the moment you take it out of the package. In your custom or MTM budget, consider high-impact and basic wardrobe items that rely heavily on fit tailoring, especially shirts, suits, jackets, and pants. Especially MTM shirts can be found everywhere on the Internet; for more guidance on shirts, please read our shirt style guide or our quality shirt guide.

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