Nicolas Anelka joins Ronaldinho & Friends match in Pakistan this summer

Nicolas Anelka joins Ronaldinho & Friends match in Pakistan this summer

The former PSG, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and French International talisman Nicolas Anelka has penned a deal to join Ronaldinho & Friends match in Pakistan this summer.
World Group have been trail blazing across Europe to make crucial signings in pursuit to revive football in Pakistan. Following unveiling of Ronaldinho Gaucho (Brazil), George Boateng (Netherlands) and David James (England), Anelka has now also joined forces with the world stars adding an international flavour to the match.

Taking players names weren’t just words of wisdom from Mr. Mehmood Trunkwala Chairman of World Group last month at a press conference in Karachi, Pakistan. The Trunkwala family are making dreams into reality for the nation of Pakistan and for football fanatics to witness world-class players arriving in Pakistan.
Anelka said, ’Aim of my participation is to help boost football in Pakistan and having embraced Islam as his religion I have a special connection with Pakistan. I have forged a special relationship with Mr. Trunkwala and I am confident of this tour being a very special production by the well renowned TouchSky Group (UK) and TransMedia (Pakistan) and I sincerely thank Mr. Trunkwala for inviting me to Pakistan’.

Mr. Trunkwala also unveils the brand identity and its values behind Ronaldinho & Friends tour in Pakistan. The silhouette of Ronaldinho imposed over the & shows Ronaldinho bringing world stars together to visit Pakistan. The purple color projects grandeur, pride and magic of Ronaldinho & Friends tour keeping suspense given Mr. Trunkwala will unveil a player each week. The yellow color articulates hope and optimism to many aspiring Pakistani football fans giving them the opportunity to witness legends of this tour. It is all underpinned by Trunkwala’s signature to personify as pioneers of bringing world stars to

World Group is making a pledge to reveal another world star week commencing 15 May 2017 so stay tuned into

The Trunkwala Family is at the helm of World Group (WG) and has been for over 104 years. The Group has interests in diverse business sectors including Automobiles, Education, Manufacturing Units, International and Local Trading, Golf and Country Clubs, Sports and recreation, Real Estate Developments and Financial Investments. Mr. Mehmood Trunkwala has embarked on a journey to make football accessible in Pakistan and has pioneered the vision to bring world-class players to play football in Pakistan and to give youth in Pakistan the gateway to crafting their football careers through Leisure Leagues in Pakistan.

TransMedia has redefined sports marketing and sports event management in Pakistan and beyond. Established in 1985, TransMedia pioneered national and international cricket matches for the PCB by providing a strategic direction to position Pakistan’s cricket at a global scale.

TransMedia Group is the only Pakistani company who have successfully marketed sporting events ranging from cricket, hockey, golf, rugby, athletics, tennis and football across multiple territories Pakistan, UAE, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, West Indies, Morocco, Zimbabwe & Bangladesh. TransMedia Group have been the exclusive marketing machine Pakistan Super League (PSL) retained by the PCB and have played an instrumental role in bringing cricket back into Pakistan with the final of Peshawar Zalmi v Quetta played in Lahore, March 2017.


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