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No more ‘Strawberry Legs’

The only thing women want is silky smooth legs and it is not easy to attain that. With many women opting for waxing or shaving their legs, it tends to enlarge the pores and leave the legs looking a lot less smooth than we imagine it to be.

This can be quite annoying as nobody likes having strawberry legs caused by clogged pores and darkened spots. As someone who has personally gone through this, here are my tips and tricks to make sure your legs are pore less and insta worthy, all year long!


  1. Moisturise religiously
  2. Massage with Aloevera gel
  3. Get rid of your razor!
  4. Scrub away!

Following these steps is essential to maintain the appearance of your legs. Here is my favourite recipe for a scrub that you are bound to love.

1 cup Brown Sugar

½ cup Coffee

3 tbsp Honey

¼ cup Coconut Oil

Few drops of Vanilla Essence

Try this and you will surely be pleasantly surprised!

Until next time!

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