Ramadan and COVID

Ramzan, a pious month, when every Muslim around the world is waiting to get immense blessings. Every year this month has been awaited and celebrated at the end as Eid. However, this will be the second Ramzan when this holy fasting month will be affected by the pandemic. Billions of Muslim around the world observe fast every year but the number of Muslims fasting has been declined due to the fact that a huge number has been suffering from COVID-19. Though some of them try to abstain from medical fast but acute and chronic cases won’t permit them to do so. Last year was so sudden that even doctors needed some time to ingest this bad news however this time some clinical guidelines have been issued to COVID-19 patients who wish to observe fast.

Even the systematic process of vaccination in Punjab is being operated in two shifts to ensure maximum vaccination of the desired group. To target the lower class of the society, one shift has been designated after iftar to devoid any excuse.

People used to provide for iftar at regular basis for under privileged but due to this pandemic, they are also avoiding large group gatherings hence many of the poor people don’t get to have it. Similarly, iftars at private places has also been reduced to avoid high risk gatherings. Dine in is also minimized therefore effecting the food business. Shopping malls aren’t full because who wants to shop when everyone’s life is at risk due to this virus. Most of all, worship places like mosques for tarawihs and itikafs are mostly vacant. The ritual of Muslims donating as charity and zakat will be a blessing in disguise to thousands of people globally just like every year except for the fact that this time the pandemic has increased the needy people therefore Ramzan is again blessing for all.

Precautions should be taken


Now that we are surrounded by this unfortunate virus, we need to be more careful with everything not only for ourselves but your close ones and others too. We should know that it is the highest time for taking all kind of precautions whether it’s washing our hands or wearing masks. make a maximum use of disposable things in order to protect everything and everyone. Make surety of disposable cups , bins and tissues. Maintain physical distance as much as you can. You should be very conscious about sneezing or coughing in public, know proper etiquettes for that. Lastly, the most important thing is avoiding big get togethers. It’s impropriated to put your own life and others in danger. Stay at home during Ramadan and take care of others by having virtual check on your loved ones rather than meeting them in person.

People these days specially in last Asherah go out for shopping which these is extremely wrong. Everyone should realize whether he is buying or selling clothes should stay at home. Other than that, if people are giving foods or other items to poor, be very careful that it should be properly sanitized and the giver should wear hand gloves and masks in order to prevent things from the virus.

Government is implying rules and regulations to go through this holy month appropriately but it all depends on awareness of people and their seriousness to observe these regulations.


Aleena Salman

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