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She broke the norm of ‘You can’t do it’- Dealing with societal pressures

We remember the times when we were told that raising up a girl is a challenge. Empowering messages, inspirational stories and achievements are found everywhere but when it becomes an essential practice to be worked on, one cannot simply deny the fact that we fail to do so because the society, the pressures of the people become a haunting threat to us due to which we give up.

When you desire to fly and wish to bring your dreams to fruition, you are often distracted by the societal limitations and those provoking ones who have mastered the art of putting a barrier of ‘You Can’t!’ in front of your dreams. You just feel like you lost, lost what? That remaining courage and confidence you had on yourself. It just shatters away like you were never supposed to think differently.

This raises a lot of questions in the minds who feel the same way or have somewhat experienced such a situation. Be the girl who asked ‘Why?’ When you disagree to some sort of perspective or you are willing to present a contradiction, raise a question be it right or wrong, however, you can always course correct it.  Do not think outside the box, think beyond the mainstream, ponder upon the things where there is no box, no barriers and zero restrictions.


Open your mind to exposure and appreciate the tiny little things you achieve. Free your soul from the thought of what others might think of you if you lived according to your comfort zone.

Let yourself be free from different anxieties or depression and kill them away by growing the courage you should have on yourself. Be your biggest inspiration and you will see the difference you made. Believe that you can and you know that you will!



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