Ever wondered what happens to your body fat when you lose weight?

Ever wondered what happens to your body fat when you lose weight?

For most people, it seems that losing body fat is one hell of a business. But, when there is an inspiration, there comes an aspiration to do. However, have you ever wondered what happens to all that extra fat when you shed some easily earned kilos? Here is this video, giving you an insight into the internal changes accompanied by the weight loss:

As some theories go, and the video here explains, the fat does not turn into muscle, doesn’t turn into energy, and doesn’t burn off either. So, where does it go? What actually happens is that the essential fat is broken down into water and carbon dioxide. The water is excreted from body through urine, tears and sweat while carbon dioxide hushes into atmosphere through exhalation.

There is a lot that this video educates about weight loss, and clears all the weight loss misconceptions that we had in mind since centuries. So, what’s the secret of getting toned down and even body? Unlock that carbon stored in your fat cells and you will be slim and sleek within no time.

But, how do unlock those stern carbon particles? For that, let me leave you with the video above to watch!


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