This is how disastrous teenage bullying can be…

This is how disastrous teenage bullying can be...

Bullying is one thing that even after constant ratification has found its place deep-rooted in this society. And, teenage bullying is one of the menaces that this society has found itself in, no matter what the country you live in. Simultaneously, USA is one of those countries where teenage bullying is one of the major reasons of suicide among the teens. This story is one testament of how our upbringing, moral and ethical values can stray and go terribly wrong!

I am sure that after hearing to this story you wouldn’t be able to control your tears. How a genius and worthy teenager lost his life to some useless pranks and heartless world around him. The story of Daniel is definitely heart wrenching, a mere representation of the societal pressure that could be on a young mind.

Other than what happened to the kid, have you ever wondered one of those useless and pathetic kids who forced Daniel to kill himself could be yours too?

This situation is prevalent in high numbers in USA and other English countries, but Pakistani society is not alien to this. Our students might not go about killing themselves, but they are going through extensive strain and mental instability. Our society does not even recognize mental pressure and depression as a disease at all. So, the situation is even worse here!

For God sake, teach some ethics, morals and values to your children. Teach them not to destroy such beautiful souls, or else don’t forget that your kid might be one of the unforunate too.


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