The skinny jean is dead. Here’s the new sexy fit

It’s hard to remember when the skinny jean wasn’t the first choice for women, however the fashion gods have spoken: drainpipe denim is officially passé.

The skinny jean was everyone’s favourite fit, but in recent years our concept of what’s cool has radically shifted.

So now, it’s time to break-up with your skin-fitting denim in favour of a baggier, softer silhouette.

Like most trends, the lean towards comfortable clothes began on the runway with brands signifying a return to true, off-duty denim and it’s now been felt on the high street too.

What for many used to be a failsafe wardrobe staple has now perished in light of more body conscious denim.

And let’s face it, super-skinnies aren’t the most forgiving of styles, and can often leave you feeling overexposed.

Skinny jeans may as well come back one day but for now, we’re returning to the pre-skinny golden age of a relaxed, voluminous silhouette. So now your legs can breathe and have a refreshing day at work and out.


Isra Shams

"Fashion is life and living in style makes a statement worth a while!" Hey, I'm Isra Shams, the Managing Editor at Brands Magazine & FHM Pakistan.

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